Our Story

Hello! We are the Wheatley’s! Katie, Brandon, Nora and Conrad. 

We were an average family living in Denver who decided to take a year (well really 14 months) off from real life and travel the world together as a family. 

Brandon and I both moved to Denver to go to college and we never left. And although we went to the same college, briefly, we didn’t meet until years later on our birthday. Yes, we were born on the same day two years apart. 

We love Denver and everything it has to offer. We love the young city vibe with the close proximity to the mountains. We honestly never had any plans to leave our life there. 

Fast forward a few years and a few big changes, we bought a house while I was pregnant with Nora. This was our dream house but she needed a lot of love and attention. We spent months making her liveable before Nora was born. But that wasn’t enough. Over the next few years we spent all our spare money and time investing in this house. Until a bad remodel when Conrad was just a few months old put us over the edge. 

We were done. We had stopped adventuring and stopped almost all travel outside visiting family a few times a year. We were no longer happy in our dream house. We were both feeling restless and we felt we needed a big change in our lives. 

I proposed this crazy idea of selling our money pit of a house and taking a big trip around the world. I never thought Brandon would go for the idea but he DID! During this time Brandon had unfortunately lost his job to downsizing. But this was a blessing in disguise as he was now freelancing and he had the freedom to work wherever he wanted. So he was all in!

Everything moved very quickly from there. We made the decision to sell our house in April 2018 and left June 18th. It was a busy few months getting our house ready to sell and getting rid of the majority of our things. But everything fell into place in such a way we knew we were making the right decision for our family. 

We spent 14 months taking a two month road trip from Colorado to Florida and visiting 25 countries. We grew closer as a family and we reignited our passions for adventure. That year changed what we wanted out of life and it moved our goals in a different direction. 

We are now settled in Florida. We are excited to live 10 minutes from the beach and we plan to use this as a jumping off point to continue to travel whenever the kids school and our schedules allow. 


Who we are? 


I am the planner. I do all the research and bookings for our trips. I also have a new passion for photography so most of the photos you see here are mine.

I love swimming, laying on the beach, hiking, and reading a good book in a hammock.  I travelled a bit in my 20s and dreamed of an around the world trip for years but never thought it would happen. 


He is the family pack mule without him all of our stuff would never make it from point A to point B. He is a freelance motion designer by day so all videos you see here are his doing. He designed this website and he is always helping me learn new things in the design world. 

He loves to snowboard, hike and play basketball (really anything basketball). He loves to laugh and meet new people. Growing up his family spent many weekends and vacations camping and hiking in Colorado and Utah but had never travelled internationally before we started dating but he quickly became addicted to it. 


She is a spunky kid with endless energy. She loves to climb on everything, swim, hike, and play in the sand. She also loves animals, princesses, crafts and books. She took her first airplane ride when she was 7 weeks old and her first international trip when she was 5 months old. 


He is the baby of the family. He loves to smile, flirt, chase after his sister and play in the sand. He also loves building and anything that involves water. He took my first airplane ride when he was 7 weeks old. And when we left for our trip around the world he was just 7 months old.